Behind The Maker

Welcome! My name is Ashden and I am the owner and face behind Ten Acres Candles. I live in “God’s Country” in North Dakota with my husband and three kids. Most of you would have guessed, my love for candles run deep. I am constantly burning candles in my home and I’m sure my family can attest to that! I have always ventured out to find clean burning candles that weren’t filled with toxins and that were safe to use around my family. Unfortunately, they are hard to come by in stores. 

The thought of making my own candles started around the time I brought my daughter home from the NICU. She had just spent over four months there and while one night I was rocking her to sleep next to my newly bought candle, I thought, how safe can this candle really be? She had just spent those four months between the same four walls and now I have this toxic candle that she’s breathing in? Not okay! So here I am, making 100% soy wax candles with phthalate-free fragrance oils. Only the best for you, your loved ones, and fur babies!