What kind of wax do you use?

We use 100% soy wax. The wax that we use comes from soy beans right here in the Midwest. Fun fact: my husband grows and harvests soy beans. So, not only is the wax completely non-toxic, it also supports U.S. farmers.

What is so special about the wax that you use?

It is extremely important to us that our candles are non-toxic. Most of the candles you find in stores contain harmful chemicals. You will most commonly find paraffin candles or a soy-paraffin blend. Paraffin is most widely used due to its low cost and optimal scent throw (what you smell when the candle is lit and when it is cooled). It is a byproduct of petroleum and releases carcinogenic soot when burned. Therefore, we didn't think twice about what kind of wax we wanted to use.

What are the wicks made of?

We use cotton wicks that are made of cotton fibers braided with paper filaments throughout and are coated with a natural vegetable wax. These provide a slow, clean burn with every candle.

I am sensitive to strong smells. Are your candles overpowering?

Due to the wax that we use, our candles are not overpowering. Instead, they provide a delicate and subtle scent. It is suitable for every day use and will leave a comforting aroma in small-medium sized rooms. With that being said, everyone smells scents differently. 

Why does my candle have a rough appearance after it has cooled?

This is a completely normal occurrence when using all natural wax. Most store bought candles contain additives that make the surface smooth after it has cooled. So, this is just an indication that we do not use any additives and we are keeping it 100% natural.  

Are the fragrances in your candles safe?

Yes. All the fragrances that are in our candles are free of carcinogens and endocrine disrupters such as: phthalates and parabens. Our candles are also cruelty free!